Additional Support Services

External Resources for Ontario and Waterloo Region

This page provides information and links to additional organizations and agencies in the region/province that support families through Developmental Services, Mental Health Services, and caregiver resources.

Please note that Sunbeam does not necessarily endorse or recommend third-party websites, products, or services, and is only interested in providing its people-served with as much information as possible to relevant and available resources.

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For your convenience, we have segmented the resources into five categories:

Autism Services

Organization / Agency
Autism Ontario
*Services available for all ages
Provides information on autism, supports autism research, and implements programs and services for the autism community. Services include workshops, resources for autistic individuals and families, and an OAP provider list.
Kerry's Place
*Services available for all ages
Kerry’s Place Autism Services provides virtual social, recreational, educational, consultation and behavioural learning opportunities for children, youth and adults. The primary objective of Kerry's Place is to enhance the quality of life of the persons they support, and to empower them and their families through evidence-based and person-directed supports.
Ontario Autism Program (OAP)
*Serves children and youth up to age 18
The Ontario Autism Program (OAP) offers support to families of children and youth under the age of 18 who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by a qualified professional. AccessOAP is an independent intake organization funded by the Government of Ontario to help families access the supports and services of the Ontario Autism Program through an online family portal.

Children’s Treatment Services

Organization / Agency
*Serves children and youth up to age 18
CPRI stands for the Child and Parent Resource Institute. CPRI provides highly specialized trauma-informed mental health and developmental services. These services include Assessment, Consultation, Treatment, Research and Education.
Serves children and youth up to age 18, or 21 if still in school
Kids Ability supports children and youth to reach their communication, social, physical and behavioural goals. No diagnosis is needed to access services at Kids Ability. Some services include, SLP, PT, OT and Social Work supports. Kids Ability works with children from birth to age 21.

Developmental Services

Organization / Agency
Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) (Central West Region)
*Serves adults age 18+
Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) is the access point for adult developmental services funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) in Ontario. The DSO determines eligibility to receive adult developmental services and supports in the community.
Extend-a-Family Waterloo Region
*Programs available for all ages
Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region offers a variety of programs and services for individuals with a disability at all ages and abilities. Extend-a-Family assists many families with the management of SSAH and Passport funding.
Ministry for Children, Community, and Social Services
*Services available for all ages
The Ministry for Children Community and Social Services helps to improve outcomes for children, youth, families and individuals who need support by overseeing a variety of services and supports offered across Ontario.
*Serves children and youth up to age 18, or age 21 if still in school
Your network of FASD supports and services in our community. The word PLEXUS means an intricate network. Those with FASD, their caregivers, service providers and community members all make up this network of people who create space for individuals of all ages and their families. PLEXUS can help access FASD informed services and supports.

Mental Health

Organization / Agency
Camino Wellbeing
*Services available for all ages
Camino Wellbeing + Mental Health unites the work of Carizon Family and Community Services, KW Counselling Services and Monica Place all under one umbrella. Camino Wellbeing + Mental Health provides tools, resources and services that help people reach their full potential as they walk the path to achieving their best wellbeing and mental health.
*Services available for all ages
CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) is a nationwide organization that promotes mental health and supports people recovering from mental illness. CMHA WW provides a full care system for those with addictions, mental health, or developmental needs. CMHA WW serves all ages.
Here 24/7
*Services available for all ages
In Crisis or Need Support? Call 1-844-HERE247 (1-844-437-3247) anytime. Here 24/7 is your front door to the addictions, mental health, and crisis services provided by 11 agencies across Waterloo Wellington. Here24/7 does the intake, assessment, and referrals for most local government funded addictions and mental health services.
Starling Community Services
*Serves children and youth up to age 18
Starling Community Services (formerly Lutherwood) is a progressive, not-for-profit organization that provides children under 18 with mental health, employment, and housing services, serving over 16,300 people with diverse backgrounds within Waterloo Region and Wellington County.
The Counselling Collaborative
*Services available for all ages
The Counselling Collaborative of Waterloo Region is a partnership between five non-profit, community mental health agencies within Waterloo Region. They work together to make it easier for you to find local and affordable counselling, wherever you live in the region. Their “no wrong door” approach easily connects you to any of the member agencies and their services.

Parent & Care Provider Resources and Supports

Organization / Agency
Early Learning and Child Care Navigators
*Serves children under the age of 6
ELCC Navigators are a newly funded role by the Region of Waterloo Community Services. They support both families with young children and service providers. Follow the link to learn more about this role and how to connect to a ELCC Navigator.
EarlyON Waterloo Region
*Serves children under the age of 6
EarlyON offers a range of free online and in-person programs. They have on-site EarlyON Professionals ready to provide support, advice, and helpful resources to expecting parents and caregivers. Their centres and mobile sites are places where children, parents, and caring adults can learn, play, laugh and be curious.
Family & Children’s Services
*Supports children and families
Family & Children's Services of the Waterloo Region is authorized under the Children, Youth and Family Services Act to respond to concerns about children in the Region. Follow the link to learn more about how Family and Children's Services supports children and families in Waterloo Region.
Waterloo Region Family Network
*Services available for all ages
WRFN is a peer-developed and peer-driven network that works to help exceptional families and individuals thrive. WRFN provides a variety of supports and services to individuals both with and without a confirmed diagnosis. Follow the link to learn more about their unique program offerings.
Waterloo Wellington Down Syndrome Society
*Services available for all ages
The Waterloo Wellington Down Syndrome Society (Formally Waterloo Regional Down Syndrome Society) is a charitable, non-profit organization created by parents of children with Down syndrome in Waterloo Region. Through services and activities such as education, advocacy, public awareness, events and parent support, WWDSS is dedicated to providing a social and information network for parents and families, advocating for persons with Down syndrome to lead healthy and active lives as an included part of our community.