OAP Urgent Response Services

The Urgent Response Services program will provide time-limited services and supports for up to 12 weeks. The program is intended to respond rapidly to a specific need for children and youth up to 18 years of age and registered in the Ontario Autism Program (OAP), with the purpose of preventing further escalation of risk of harm to self, others and/or property.


To be eligible for OAP Urgent Response Services, the child or youth must be:

– Age: 0 – 18yrs
– Registered in the OAP
– Have a new or recently escalated behaviour

High-risk factors include:

– Aggression
– Property destruction
– Violent thinking
– Fire setting
– Harm to animals
– Risk of exploitation
– Self-injurious behaviour
– Suicidal thoughts or behaviour
– Inappropriate sexual behaviour
– Flight risk


Referrals may come directly from families or from a third party such as another service agency, if consent to facilitate the referral has been obtained.

Upon referral, families will be contacted and screened to determine eligibility.

If you are eligible, an Urgent Response Services (URS) Coordinator will work with you to develop an Urgent Response Services Plan. If you are not eligible, the URS Coordinator will help you connect with available services within or outside of the Ontario Autism Program.


If you are a family/caregiver looking to refer your child or youth, please contact a URS Coordinator by phone at 519-741-1121, or by email at j.russell@sunbeamcommunity.ca or s.villaflores@sunbeamcommunity.ca.


If you are a service provider looking to refer a child or youth, please click on the link below to obtain a copy of the Referral Form. Referrals must be accompanied by a signed Consent to Share form. Referrals can be emailed to j.russell@sunbeamcommunity.ca or s.villaflores@sunbeamcommunity.ca or faxed to 519-743-4730.

What is not part of the URS?

– URS is not a crisis support service. If, as a result of the screening process, the family is determined to be in crisis, the URS Coordinator will help them connect with appropriate crisis services in the community

– URS does not operate on a 24/7 basis

– Receiving URS does not provide fast-track access to any service within the OAP (including core clinical services) or outside the OAP (such as core mental health services). Families will be referred to other services and will be required to follow their intake protocols and waitlists for service.

– URS is not an out-of-home residential service

– URS does not provide direct funding to purchase supports

For more details and information on eligibility, visit the Ontario Autism Program website: