Health Care Consultation

The Health Care Consultant (a Registered Nurse) offers health care assessment, consultation, recommendations and training on a wide variety of medical issues for individuals and their care providers who live in the Region of Waterloo. There is no age restriction.

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The Health Care Consultant can assist with the following:

  • Consultation related to a new medical diagnosis
  • Consultation related to a change in health due to aging and long-term planning
  • Consultation related to medication regime for physical or mental health issues
  • Consultation related to nutrition, healthy eating, weight loss or weight gain
  • Consultation on how to manage a palliative care situation
  • Individual referrals may be augmented with workshops or in-services.
  • Consultation on how to provide sexual health and safety education at home

Additionally, the Health Care Consultant can provide educational sessions on a variety of health related topics and Controlled Act training.