Coordinated Service Planning (CSP)

2021 – 2022 Coordinated Service Planning Annual Report

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Coordinated Service Planning (CSP) supports children and youth (birth to 18 years and 18 to 21 years of age who remain in school) with multiple and/or complex needs.

  • A Service Planning Coordinator will bring together all service providers working with your child/youth
  • One Coordinated Service Plan will be developed for your child/youth
  • The plan is based on your family and child/youth’s goals, strengths and needs
  • The plan includes all services that your child/youth already receives and will receive in the future

The goals of Coordinated Service Planning are to:

  • Improve the service experience for all families of children/youth with multiple and/or complex special needs
  • Connect your child/youth to the services they require as early as possible
  • Monitor your child’s/youth’s needs and progress through a Coordinated Service Plan
  • Build on existing coordination and collaboration in Waterloo Region
  • Reduce confusion and meet your unique family needs.

The basic eligibility criteria for Coordinated Service Planning is as follows:

  • Zero to 18 years of age or up to 21 if still in school
  • Living in Waterloo Region
  • Receiving two or more services that are multi-sectoral in nature

We are fortunate to have organizations who provide coordinated service or case management. Our goal is to complement the services that exist in our community, add additional capacity and avoid duplication.

For further information or to inquire about referring to the program, please call Jen Shows, Manager of Coordinated Service Planning at 519-741-1121 ext. 2354 or email at