Foundational Family Services

Sunbeam Developmental Resource Centre (SDRC) offers Foundational Family Services to families registered in the Ontario Autism Program (OAP).  These services are aimed to provide families and their child or youth with tools and supports to assist with their ongoing learning and development.  Families do not need to be client’s of SDRC to access these supports but do need to be registered with the OAP.

Foundational Family Services Supports include:

Family and peer mentoring – share experiences in a supportive, informative and social atmosphere

– Mother’s and Father’s Monthly Drop-In Groups facilitated by SDRC’s Social Worker

Caregiver workshops and follow-up coaching sessions – information, education and resources on a variety of topics

– Visit SDRC website to register online:

Brief targeted consultations – direct support provided virtually to help address a specific need and support your child’s skill development

– SLP Clinic- individual 1 hour virtual clinic offered to clients 6 and up to address communication goals

– “Ask an SLP” Clinic offered to clients 6 and under

– Behaviour Clinic-individual 1 hour clinic offered to any age client provided to support behaviour concerns

Transition supports – help preparing for your child’s transition into adulthood.  

Family resource and clinic days -answering questions and providing information about a variety of supports and services including:

– Developmental Services

– Community Services

– Funding Options and Financial Supports

– Leisure/Recreation

– Respite Options

– School Support

To Register for and learn more about SDRC’s Foundational Family Services please contact the OAP Resource Consultant Lindsay Hickey at: or (519) 741-1121 ext. 2244