Service Resolution

Service Resolution identifies individuals in most urgent need of support in the developmental services’ system in Waterloo Region, and facilitates short-term and long term planning strategies of support.

Service Resolution (once known as Case or Crisis Resolution) became the responsibility of Sunbeam Developmental Resource Centre (SDRC), with the creation of Single Point of Access in 2000. Developmental service partners and families in Waterloo Region identify individuals with developmental disabilities who are in most urgent need of support.

Individuals in such need are presented to the Waterloo Region Service Coordination and Response Network which is composed of senior staff of developmental service agency representatives and is chaired by SDRC. The Committee attempts to facilitate short-term stabilization strategies with consideration of transition to long-term placement if necessary.

Resolution typically introduces an emergency respite residential placement in Waterloo Region.

SDRC may also present these ‘high needs’ clients to a Central West Region Service Resolution committee, where decisions are made on placement in highly specialized residential settings found within Central West Region.