Confirming Eligibility for Services


The services of Sunbeam Developmental Resource Centre (SDRC) are available to individuals of all ages who have a developmental disability and/or an autism spectrum disorder.

For children and youth under the age of 18, SDRC will determine if you are eligible for our services.

For adults, aged 18 and over, Developmental Services Ontario Central West Region (DSO)  will determine if you are eligible. Once declared eligible, the DSO can come back to SDRC for assistance in accessing SDRC services and supports.

How is eligibility for services determined?

Eligibility and access to developmental services for children shall be based on diagnostic information covering intellectual as well as adaptive functioning. The following diagnoses will be accepted:

  • Intellectual disability as defined by the DSM-5
  • Autism spectrum disorder, with or without an intellectual disability

In determining eligibility for an intellectual disability and/or an autism spectrum disorder, SDRC requires evidence of a diagnosis as provided within a psychological assessment or equivalent medical documentation. These reports must include commonly accepted instruments and assessments tools in determining the diagnosis.

The findings of the assessment will be used to determine eligibility for services. If a child is deemed ineligible an appeal can be made to the Director of SDRC.


Referrals may come directly from the individual, their family, or a substitute decision maker. Referrals will be accepted on behalf of the person, from a third party, such as a family doctor or service agency, only with a signed ‘Consent to Share Information’ form from an individual adult or a child’s family.

Referral forms may be obtained by contacting the main office of SDRC at (519) 741-1121, or by downloading the referral package.

Upon receipt of your completed referral forms, an intake worker will arrange an appointment to discuss the referral request in further detail.