Behaviour Consultation

Sunbeam Developmental Resource Centre (SDRC) offers in-home behaviour consultation to individuals of all ages with an intellectual disability and/or autism spectrum disorder. For all behaviours that are harmful to self or others, we offer individualized in-home consultation. The goal of the consultation is to help individuals and/or their caregivers work through behavioural difficulties that cause injury/risk to self or others.  The consultation uses a mediator model where the consultants will work with a parent/caregiver to support the individual with the serious behaviour.


For all behaviours/issues that do not pose a risk of injury to self or others (e.g., emotional regulation/tantrums, daily living), we offer individual clinics where the caregiver can meet one-to-one for up to an hour with a consultant to review the concerns.  The consultant will discuss the concerns and review possible causes for the behaviour. The consultant will then offer suggestions to help resolve the issue.  We recognize that there may be more than one issue you will need to discuss.  SDRC will offer up to three clinics to help resolve all concerns. The clinics are held monthly and require a referral.


The behaviour consultants offer a range of workshops including:

– Parenting Tips

– Parenting Children with Developmental Disabilities

– Helping Children Navigate the Social World

– Anxiety and Autism Spectrum Disorder

– Puberty and Sexuality in Adolescence