Fall 2023 Adult Resource Guide

We are happy to share that the Adult Resource Guide created, and published by Sunbeam Developmental Resource Centre has been updated this fall. We have changed the name from Transition to Adulthood Resource Booklet to Adult Resource Guide.

Originally the Guide was developed to provide key resources to youth on the autism spectrum who are transitioning to adulthood (turning 18) and who may not be eligible for adult services from Developmental Services Ontario. Recently it has come to our attention that this Guide is also being used by adults who have other diagnoses, of all ages, so we have changed the title of the Guide to reflect this.
The Adult Resource Guide, (like its predecessor the Transition to Adulthood Resource Booklet) can be found on our website under the Resources tab. Feel free to download, print and share.

You can view the PDF below or open the PDF in a new tab.